Best Final Fantasy 14 Class

For many players, there is not enough time in the day to be able to level up multiple classes (also called jobs), and as a result they want to choose the best class in Final Fantasy 14.

The truth is that there are a lot of classes available in FF14 which are the “best” at different roles. Some classes are better damage-dealers, whereas other classes are better soloers, whereas others are the best healing classes.

Below, you will discover what the best Final Fantasy 14 jobs are, depending on the role you want to fill.

Best Job for Damage-Dealing in FF14

Right now, by far and away the Archer is the best damage-dealing class in Final Fantasy 14. It is the best class to use in groups and for Notorious Monsters and does more damage than any other class.

The downside of the Archer is that it does more damage when other classes are tanking, and it requires ammunition which can be fairly expensive and inconvenient to carry around. If you use the cheap arrows, you will do less damage. As a result, while the Archer is the best damage-dealing class, it is not the best soloing class.

I would say the Lancer comes in second-place and is the “best” melee damage-dealing class. The Marauder may do slightly more damage, but the Lancer has so many debuffs and buffs it is much more highly valued.

Best Solo Class in Final Fantasy XIV

The best class for soloing in FF14 is the Thaumaturge. This class has powerful drains for recovering both HP and MP, as well as a variety of crippling debuffs, high-damage spells, and the best healing-over-time spells in-game.

However, if you want to maximize your soloability as a Thaumaturge, you will want to level up Conjurer too, in order to grab the top Cure spells as well as shields. Protect II and Shell II combined with Stoneskin, Sacrifice (healing over time) and Cure III makes a Thaumaturge practically impossible to take down.

The only downside to the Thaumaturge is they have a relatively low HP total compared to Discipline of War classes. As a result, the Gladiator is a close-second for best soloing class. The Gladiator does solid melee damage but also has a lot of great timers which can help survive very high-damage enemies. You can equip Thaumaturge and Conjurer spells so you can get self-healing as well for a potent combination.

Best Tank in FFXIV

Without a doubt, the best class for tanking in FFXIV is the Gladiator. It is not really up for discussion – other classes can tank but no one compares to the Gladiator, simply because it is the only high-HP class which can also use a shield.

Best Healer in FF14

The best healer in FF14 is the Conjurer. You can heal pretty well as a Thaumaturge, but the cone-shaped healing makes them more limited, and positioning errors can quickly wipe out the group.

A Conjurer is a great AoE healer; its spells are able to heal everyone within a small circle of the casted spell without any additional mana cost. You will still want to level up Thaumaturge to pick up the Sacrifice spells. The Conjurer’s Cure spells provide the most raw healing, but offer no heal-over-time component, whereas the Thaumaturge’s Sacrifice spells offer less up-front healing but then heal a lot of HP over the next 24 seconds.

Best Final Fantasy 14 Class Conclusion

There are a lot of great Final Fantasy 14 classes to choose from depending on the role you want to fill. The Archer is the best raw damage-dealer, but is not a strong solo class. The Lancer is probably the best melee-DPS job in-game. The Thaumaturge is the best overall soloing class in-game. The Gladiator is the best tank and also a great solo class. Finally, the Conjurer is the best healer in the game.

Most classes have a solid role in-game, though Marauder and Pugilist do feel a little weak compared to the other classes. Perhaps the upcoming change to the combat formula will help even the playing field for these two classes. Now that you know what classes are good, you should check out the Chrono Guide for a strategy for leveling up quickly and painlessly with your new class: