Final Fantasy 14 Armoury System

My favorite thing about FFXIV is definitely the Final Fantasy 14 Armoury system. This system is basically a wonderful substitute for the skill trees that define other games of the same genre.

The Final Fantasy 14 Armoury System – What is it?

The FF14 Armoury is the term used to describe the system that allows you to not only change classes but also change abilities equipped on a certain class.

If you did not already know, players can level up every class in the game just by changing their weapons. Each class has their own unique set of abilities and spells that you unlock as you level up.

However, you also earn “skill points” as you level up your class. These points are used to decide what abilities your character will use. You are in control of what abilities your character has, and often no two characters end up with the exact same ability set.

Players can equip nearly every ability on any class. For example, if you unlocked Cure II on your Conjurer, you could then “equip” that spell on your Lancer, and use Cure II on yourself as Lancer to help improve your soloing powers.

As you level up your class and your class level increases, you get access to more skill points, which let you equip even more abilities. A player who has maxed out every job in the game can create some really cool combinations to do a lot of damage or be great at soloing.

Best Abilities to Get Across All Classes in FFXIV

With that said, to take advantage of the Armoury system, you will want to grab some great abilities from each class. Below, I have made a quick list of abilities that really come in handy:

  • Skull Sunder – Low-level Marauder ability that deals a lot of damage for just 500 TP.
  • Cure II, Protect, Shell, Shock Spikes – Can unlock all of these spells just by leveling up Conjurer to 20.
  • Sacrifice II, Drain MP – Unlocked by getting Thaumaturge to level 20.
  • Second Wind – Low-level Pugilist ability that gives an instant, powerful self-heal for just 250 TP.
  • Raging Strike – Boosts damage of next attack low-level Archer spell.
  • Ferocity, Feint – Ferocity works just like Raging Strike, and Feint is a must-have weaponskill for all Discipline of War classes. Both are Lancer abilities.

Of course, there are more spells out there depending on how much work you want to put in to leveling up your class. However, I think these are all a great start for characters of any type.

Players who are serious about playing Conjurer or Thaumaturge, however, need to level both classes to level 50. A Conjurer without Sacrifice III and Siphon MP II is wasting their time, as is a Thaumaturge without Shell II, Protect II, and Cure III.

Final Fantasy 14 Armoury System Conclusion

By using the FF14 Armoury system, you can significantly improve your character’s strength and versatility. Be sure to level up each job in the game, at least ot level 20, in order to get access to some great abilities that will come in handy on any class.