Final Fantasy 14 Auction House – How to Sell Items in FF14

Perhaps one of the strangest features (or lack thereof) of Final Fantasy 14 is that there is no auction house. Many new players have no idea how to buy and sell items because of this, but fortunately for you I will be revealing some great tips for getting your items sold.

Retainers in Final Fantasy 14

The easiest way to sell items in Final Fantasy 14 is by listing items in the Market Wards. However, before doing that, you have to pick up a retainer.

Your retainer serves as both your bank and stand-in “auctioneer”. Every player can get 1 retainer, and when the game goes back to pay-to-play, each additional retainer is supposed to cost about a dollar per month.

At any rate, you can pick up your first retainer for free in any major city. Right by the counter in the adventurer’s hall where you get your leves, you will find a small stand which has a bell on it (like the old-fashioned hand-bell you press for service at a desk at a hotel or similar place).

Stand in front of that bell, and you will find there is an option in your menu to bring up the retainer option. Say that you agree to get a retainer and name him (or her) appropriately.

I recommend picking the “biggest” NPC type – a large Roegadyn – simply because they take up so much space that they are literally more likely to get selected by people browsing the markets. Also, you can name your NPC after what you sell, for example “weaponsarehere” if you are a Blacksmith, or “Getyourshards” if you are an adventurer, or “metals and gems” if you like to mine. Just some ideas to help increase your sales.

Once you have your retainer, you can list items in the Market Wards.

FFXIV “Auction House” – Market Wards

As mentioned, there is no auction house in FF14, so players are forced to use the “Market Wards” to buy and sell most of their items.

What you can do is when you are in a major city (Ul’dah, Gridania, Limsa Lominsa) look on the map for zoneline (marked by a small yellow arrow) the text “Market Wards”, and then head there. Once you hit the zoneline, the text for “Market Wards” will come up. You can select whichever zone matches the item you want to sell, but it is not essential that you do so.

Once you are in a Market Ward, you can bring up your menu and select “Summon Your Retainer”. You can then interact with your retainer (target him or her and hit the “enter” key). You then have to give them the items you want to be able to sell. You can also give them items you want to clear out of your inventory for storage purposes.

Once the item(s) are in your retainers care, you can interact with your Retainer again and “manage the contents of your retainer’s bazaar”. You can then list items for sale, and your retainer will stay in that market ward until you summon him elsewhere, keeping your items listed for sale.

Once you list your items for sale, they will appear in the “Search” feature for all players to see. Note that each market ward is separate, and the market in Ul’dah is completely different from that in Gridania, which is completely different from the one in Limsa Lominsa.

For best results, set up your retainer in Ul’dah, as that is the most busiest market for buyers. However, if you are selling low-level gear, you might be able to charge a higher price at Gridania or Limsa Lomisna. Always top-level gear in Ul’dah though if you want it to sell!

Buying Items in FFXIV

If you want to buy items, you simply go to the market ward, and use the item search counter. This will bring up a menu for you to search for an item, and when you find the one you want, it will tell you the location of the retainer and highlight it. This is really inconvenient compared to an Auction House, but hopefully one will be added soon enough into the game!


You can also add items to your bazaar in Final Fantasy 14, but with the addition of market searches, these do not work nearly as well. The best thing to do with your bazaar space is to either sell shards, seek repairs, or list high-priced items (like an HQ version of a level 50 item that you might take a week or 2 to get a buyer for).

You can list items in your bazaar for sale simply by selecting them in your inventory, and then clicking “sell” or “seek repairs”. Just do not be the person that fills up their inventory with worthless vendor items as you will only annoy other players!

Buying and Selling in FF14 Conclusion

Now, you should have a good idea of how to buy and sell items in FF14. Use your retainer and set them up in the Ul’dah market wards for best results. Also, consider a “themed” retainer that sells items of a particular type, especially if the name matches the items it is selling.