Final Fantasy 14 Gil Farming Guide – How to Farm Gil

In Final Fantasy 14, most items are trade-able amongst players on the free market. As a result, if you want to have the best gear, you will need a lot of gil. In this Final Fantasy 14 Gil Farming guide, you will get some great tips on how to farm gil, as well as some of the best farm spots in the game.

Best Item for Steady Profits

Right now, while it may seem a bit strange, the easiest thing to farm in-game for steady profits is shards. Shards are worth so much gil just because you need so many of them to craft.

Higher level crafts can use up 20+ shards per synth, and many crafts require 100s of successful synths just to level up! As a result, crafters often need to go through 1,000s of shards per level. Crafters will burn through over 100,000 shards just to hit 50, and that is with just 1 of the many possible crafts in-game.

As you can imagine, shards become incredibly valuable. Crafters looking to hit 50 have to invest a lot of time and money into shards, and you can profit off of that by simply farming and selling shards.

The easiest way to farm shards is to just grind “easy” monsters while leveling up. Shoot for monsters that only pay out 40-80 skill points each.

Of course, you do have to consider what type of shard when you are looking to maximize profits. The most profitable shard of all is the Wind Shard, simply because it is used by most professions and the monsters that supply these are fairly finite.

By about level 17 (or 12 if you are leveling a 2nd or 3rd job), you can easily kill Dodos which drop plenty of wind shards, crystals, and even Dodo Skin, which often sells for 1-3k a piece (Leatherworkers need this to level up).

From levels 25 to 50, you can grind Puks all the way to the top, and earn literally millions of gil in the process. Sea Puks in Cassiopeia Hollow and around Cedarwood work well, and when you hit about level 30-35, you can move over to Nanawa Mines to farm Puks. You can then push from 40-50 off of the Puks in Tam Tara Deepcroft.

Other Farmable Items – Final Fantasy 14 Guide

Honestly, you will not likely find anything better than shards, simply because they are so valuable and the demand is limitless. Other good items to farm include Sheepskin and other skins, as well as various ingredients for crafting.

However, the market for these literally ranges every day, so you have to check your individual server. For example, if three high-level players all of a sudden decide they are going to level up Leatherworking, prices for Sheepskin, Dodo Skin, and other skin-types will dramatically increase. These may not be profitable around the clock, so you have to keep an eye on crafting materials and when a few run out, you can farm them and sell for a premium.

FF14 Gil Farming Guide Conclusion

To repeat, while it may seem like there is some secret to farming gil, right now you can easily make an unlimited amount of gil just by farming shards.

You never know if they will go back and decrease the amount of syntheses required to level up crafting (I suspect they will), which will result in a significant decrease in the value of shards. Farm them and sell them now while you still can!