Final Fantasy 14 Lancer Guide

Below, in this Final Fantasy 14 Lancer guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the Lancer class in FFXIV, including a class overview, what equipment to wear, stats to get, spells to use, and strategies to play the class.

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Final Fantasy 14 Lancer Guide – Class Overview

The Lancer class one of the best damage-dealing (DD) jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, has good soloing strength, and has a few powerful group and self-buffs. It also has a few valuable debuffs, making it a solid DD class which brings more to the table than raw damage.

I would not necessarily consider the Lancer to be a support class though – it is definitely a top-level DD with the added bonus of buffs.

The Lancer is great for any player who likes to deal damage, play in groups, or even play solo. It is a strong class and has valuable skills that can transfer over to other jobs as well.

Final Fantasy 14 Lancer Guide – Best Equipment

The Lancer is a simple class to equip. Naturally, for weapons, you are stuck with Lances, and typically the Lance closest to your level is the best one to use. Try not to go up, but going down is fine. In other words, a level 20 Lance is a bad lance for a level 17 player to use compared to a level 14 lance. You face a big penalty for using weapons above your level.

For armor, when it comes to playing solo, maximize defense. Accessories should maximize attack, and then accuracy. When playing in groups where another person is tanking, look to maximize both attack and accuracy; defense becomes irrelevant.

There is a level 35 chest-piece for example which drops off of the Notorious Monster in Nanawa Mines which has +5 attack and accuracy. While it has low defense, it is a great damage-dealing piece to use in groups.

Final Fantasy 14 Lancer Guide – Best Stats for Lancer

The Lancer excels at leveling up when you max STR and VIT. Feint keeps damage high so accuracy is less important for a Lancer at lower levels; high HP will serve you well. I recommend bringing MND and DEX up to 40, and then placing points equally in VIT and STR.

Once you hit level 50, you will want to max out STR (174), pull points from VIT and add to DEX, so that you are capped on STR (174) and still have 100+ VIT and DEX. This seems to be ideal for DPS builds in late-game play.

However, you still want to opt for +ACC and +Attack stats whenever you can; these have a much larger effect than attributes.

Best Final Fantasy 14 Lancer Ability and Spell Combos

Fortunately, Lancers have some of the best abilities in the game, so you really do not have to level up many other classes. You can pick up Second Wind early in Pugilist for a nice survivability boost, and Maim (Marauder) can be a great way to get a low-TP weaponskill to use.

You will want to level up Conjurer and Thaumaturge to at least 20 however in order to pick up Shock Spikes, Sacrifice II, Cure II, Protect, and Shell. These spells will make a world of a difference in your ability to solo enemies and level up quickly and efficiently.

Final Fantasy 14 Lancer Guide – Gameplay and Strategy

Playing a Lancer is simple, though you definitely have a lot more abilities at your disposal than other DD classes like Marauder. For group play, you will want to keep up abilities which buff the group or debuff the monster (such as using your weaponskill which decreases enemy TP generation). While doing this, work on maximizing damage output.

In solo play, I recommend buffing yourself with Shock Spikes, Protect, and Shell. Use Sacrifice II to keep yourself healed up. This will allow you to take on much tougher enemies without spending too much MP, increasing leveling speed significantly.

Feint (your ability which gives you a guaranteed hit after a miss), is one of your highest damage spells and can significantly improve your damage output. Be sure to use this ability as often as you can in order to maximize damage output.

Final Fantasy XIV Lancer Leveling Guide Conclusion

You should now have a good idea of how to play Lancer in FFXIV thanks to this FF14 Lancer guide. Leveling up is quite easy when you add in Conjurer and Thaumaturge abilities, so do not neglect to level up those two classes to 20 if you want to take Lancer to level 50.