Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide

In this Final Fantasy 14 leveling guide, you will discover the easiest way to level up to 50 as either a Discipline of War and Discipline of Magic class. Leveling up may be a bit time consuming, but it certainly is not nearly as challenging as it was in FFXI (FFXIV’s predecessor).

FF14 Leveling Guide Hierarchy

As mentioned, leveling up is pretty simple in FF14. If you want to do it fast, the main thing you have to worry about is sticking to the “leveling hierarchy”:

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide

The image above represents your experience points and skill points options in Final Fantasy 14. The best experience points are offered by leves, but you can only 8 leves per week, and high level players need a group for best results. After that, Behest offers the next best XP, but you can only do Behest every 30 minutes and you also need a group for this. Finally, grinding is at the bottom of the barrel as far as XP/SP earned goes, but you can always grind.

So how do they all fit together? Read on to find out!

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide – Leves

Leves are a great source of experience points in FF14, but they do require special circumstances to work great, and you can only do 8 per week.

In particular, I think leves work best at very low levels (levels 1-20) and very high levels (levels 38+). You can only do 8 leves every reset, so you want to save them for jobs of these levels.

From levels 1-20 you can solo leves pretty easily, and from levels 38+ you want to find a group to do level 40 leves as this maximizes XP output.

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide – Behest

Behest is in the middle as far as SP earnings go, and it really shines from levels 20-38. You can level up pretty easily by hanging out and doing Behests at these levels. It is easiest to get a group in camps around Ul’dah for Behest, as that is where most players seem to hang out for whatever reason.

You can hang out and craft in between behests or grind in between them. I think it works best for these level ranges regardless.

FF14 Leveling Guide – Grinding

Grinding is sort of bottom of the barrel as far as XP earning goes, but there are some uses for it. For one, it is great for earning gil, simply because you get so many shards which you can then sell to crafters.

Another great thing about grinding is that you do not need a group to do it. This may seem obvious, but if your computer is kind of slow or you play at odd hours, it can be hard to get in a behest group. If you do not have a static group or log in around leve resets, it can be hard to find a group for leves as well.

For grinding, you can team up with 1 Discipline of Magic and 1 Discipline of War class for best results. The DoM can heal the DoW and do damage, ensuring absolutely no downtime.

If you are soloing, Discipline of War classes should focus on fighting low-level mobs and defeating them very quickly (60-140 SP per mob), whereas Discipline of Magic classes should focus on tougher mobs (120 SP+) for best results. The reason for this is DoW classes can burn through low-level mobs while taking very little damage, whereas DoM have the mana they need to fighter tougher mobs without really causing much downtime.

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide Wrap-up

In order to hit level 50, you want to use a combination of leves, behests, and grinding. Leves work great for very low and very high level players, Behest works great for players in the middle, and grinding is good when you need to earn some gil or do not have time to find a party.