Final Fantasy 14 Pugilist Guide

In this Final Fantasy 14 Pugilist guide, you will discover the strengths and weaknesses of this class, what gear to use, what stats to pick, strategies for playing the class, and what other class abilities you should get for your Pugilist.

Final Fantasy 14 Pugilist Guide – Overview

The Pugilist is one of the five Discipline of War (DoW) classes available in FFXIV. It is a melee class that uses fist weapons. It is currently the only class in game which has two hits as its “melee” attack; in other words when it strikes with its normal attacks, it strikes twice and both attacks are subject to missing and critical hits.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Pugilist

At the present moment, this class is one of the weaker classes in-game unfortunately. Although it gets two strikes, the sum of both hits is frequently lower than the single melee hit of a Lancer or Archer.

The class, however, is decent at soloing and excels at burst damage in group-play. If you pick up every buff in-game, a 3000 TP Victimize II combined with Blindside II, Ferocity (Lancer), Murderous Intent (Marauder), Raging Strike (Archer, then you can land a big-damage attack. This is only useful in big notorious monster fights and only really applicable for the most hardcore players.

Final Fantasy XIV Pugilist Guide – Equipment and Stats

For the Pugilist, you will want to pick up any pair of fist weapons that is closest in level to you, but below your level. For example, if you are level 35, and have to choose between a level 30 and 39 weapon, you want to pick the level 30 weapon. There seems to be a big penalty for using weapons above your level.

You will notice that there are two types of weapon damage prevalent on Pugilist weapons: knuckles or cesti vs claws. Knuckles and cesti deal primarily blunt damage, whereas claws deal slashing damage. This currently does not play a huge role in the game but will be addressed in an upcoming update, so you might as well pick up a good set of each if you are max level for whenever the next update comes out.

For equipment, there is not a lot of great equipment for the Pugilist. For playing a DPS role, anything with +attack and +accuracy are ideal, much more so than any +stat items. The level 35 +5 attack +5 accuracy chest piece off the notorious monster from Nanawa Mines for example is the best Pugilist DPS chest-piece at the time of this writing. Also, use +accuracy wrings or +attack wristlets to fill up your jewelry slots.

+Str and +Dex gear has a small effect compared to +acc and +attack, but it still helps. After you have exhausted your options for +acc and +attack, go for +str and +dex for DPS, or +defense and +hp for soloing.

At level 50, you want to max out your STR at 174, with the rest of your points in DEX and Vit. Try to get your gear so both DEX and VIT break 100. There does not seem to be an extremely strong benefit of bringing DEX past 100 for Pugilist, though substantial data has not been gathered on this topic.

Other Class Abilities to Get as Pugilist

As mentioned previously, for late-game you will want to get all the damage-boosting abilities in the game, such as Ferocity (Lancer), Raging Strike (Archer), and Murderous Intent (optional; Marauder).

However, for leveling up, there are also a few more abilities you want to pick up. First of all, the most important ability you can pick up is Feint (level 20 Lancer ability). Feint is a guaranteed hit weaponskill that only costs 500 TP; the catch is that you have to miss before you can use it. Since Pugilists attack with two hits, they miss twice as much as other classes, and as a result can constantly use Feint.

Additionally, you will want to pick up Skull Sunder (low-level Marauder weaponskill), which does a surprising amount of damage due to its Damage over Time (DoT) component, and only costs 500 TP. Use this as your first WS and it will take off a lot of the enemy’s HP over the course of the fight.

Finally, for leveling up you will want some sort of healing spell, preferably Sacrifice II and Cure II, which will in turn also give you access to Shock Spikes, Protect, and Shell. All of these make leveling up much easier.

The intersting thing about Pugilist is that it has a great ability at level 30, which increases healing taken by 10%. Most players will as a result want get this ability unlocked as there is no reason not to get this bonus healing ability (purchasable with guild points).

The Pugilist also has some other great abilities, such as Featherfoot and Second Wind, which most tanks will want to pick up as well. Essentially all Gladiators will want to level up Pugilist to pick up these abilities.

FF14 Pugilist Guide – Strategy

What you will find is that most players actually use Pugilist for its abilities, rather than as a mean to its own end. On the other hand, a lot of people do play this class, but I suspect only because they are in love with the Monk from FFXI.

Right now, the Pugilist is weak; there is no two ways around it. Sure, it might be able to toss out a high-damage Victimize, but overall in group play, it parses no higher than Lancer, without bringing any of the Lancer’s great buffs and debuffs to the table. The Archer outshines it terribly from a raw DPs perspective.

When it comes to soloing, the casting classes, Gladiator, and Lancer all feel like stronger soloing classes to me once you get up to the higher levels. Pugilist does dodge somewhat frequently, but does not dish out nearly enough damage when playing solo compared to a Lancer and definitely lacks the incredible survivability of casting classes as well as the Gladiator.

I think the main problem with Pugilist is that there is (at the time of this writing) no auto-attack in-game. In FFXI, the Monk dealt massive damage because fist auto-attacks did so much damage. In FFXIV, the TP-generating attacks of the Pugilist are much weaker than that of other Discipline of War classes, and its standard weaponskills are not up to par with the Lancer’s Chaos Thrust.

If you still want to play Pugilist, just make sure to pick up Feint, Maim, Cure II, and Sacrifice II. You can definitely level up pretty easily while using Feint and Maim as your main damage sources.

Final Fantasy 14 Pugilist Guide Conclusion

It pains me to say it, but the Pugilist is probably the weakest overall class in the entire game. Sure, hardcore players who are in guilds that follow strict battle regimens and only exist to fight the toughest notorious monsters can make the Pugilist work. However, when it comes to soloing and less-serious group play, the Pugilist feels very, very weak compared to other classes.