Final Fantasy 14 Thaumaturge Guide

In this Final Fantasy 14 Thaumaturge guide, you will be learning exactly how the Thaumaturge class works, what differentiates it from a Conjurer, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and what gear, spells, and stats to pick.

Final Fantasy 14 Thaumaturge Guide – Overview

The Thaumaturge is one of two Discipline of Magic (DoM) classes available for players to play in Final Fantasy 14. In other words, it is one of the two caster classes.

Thaumaturge vs Conjurer

The Thaumaturge excels in debuffing, healing-over-time, and light and dark-based spells (drains as well as light and dark attacks). The Conjurer on the other hand focuses on elemental spells (Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth), buffs, and direct healing. Both Thaumaturge and Conjurer are useful in group settings.

The unique thing about Thaumaturge’s spells is that they can be casted as a single-target spell or as a cone-shaped spell for no additional MP cost. In other words, when you cast a spell, most targets in front of you will be hit, with the area of effect getting wider the further you get away from the Thaumaturge’s casting position. This basically allows the Thaumaturge to use AoE spells with good effectiveness in an offensive manner, but limits the effectiveness of their AoE healing.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Thaumaturges are typically used for debuffs in end-game as well as back-up healing, whereas Conjurers are the primary healers. Neither DoM class is really a purely nuke-oriented class as offensive spells feel a bit weak in the game compared to the raw damage of a class like the Archer.

The Thaumaturge also excels at soloing. They are arguably the best soloing class in game, equipped with powerful drains, debuffs, heals, and offensive attacks.

Final Fantasy XIV Thaumaturge Guide – Equipment and Stats

The Thaumaturge should focus primarily on VIT and INT, with just enough points in MND to get a solid MP pool. The Drain MP spells the Thaumaturge has give it an essentially unlimited MP supply, though larger MP pools may be beneficial for drain-resistant mobs.

One would think Piety would be a great stat for the Thaumaturge, but it does not really seem like it does anything at the moment. If it is ever buffed, it will definitely help in landing debuffs but for now it seems useless.

Intellect increases the damage of your wand attacks, but not much else. Vit will increase your HP totals, which will seriously help your survivability given how low your HP pool will be as a caster.

Finally, for equipment focus on +magic accuracy wherever you can. This helps in landing debuffs significantly. After that, magic potency, intellect, or raw defense work. +Magic accuracy is your number one stat as a Thaumaturge however. Always use a 1-hand weapon and a shield; caster shields have hidden bonuses to magic accuracy and attack, giving you much more damage than the two-handed weapons.

Class and Spell Combos

When playing a Thaumaturge, you simply want to level up Conjurer as well; that is the only tree you really need. The Cure tier of spells as well as Protect, Shell, and Shock Spikes really will increase your solo power as a Thaumaturge. They also help in groups as well.

If you really want to get some extra abilities after maxing out Conjurer and Thaumaturge, consider getting the Pugilist’s +10% healing ability or the Lancer’s + run-speed in combat ability (both are level 30 traits purchased by guild points).

FF14 Thaumaturge Guide – Gameplay and Strategy

As a Thaumaturge, when playing solo and leveling up, your priority is to keep yourself and your group-mates fully healed, with Shock Spikes and perhaps a few DoT effects running. You can take out tough monsters just by DoTing them, debuffing them, and keeping yourself healed up for a period of time. For easy monsters, throw heals and Shock Spikes on yourself and use your wand and TP abilities to take them out.

In large groups fighting tough mobs, you should focus on debuffing the enemy monster (Paralyze, Blind, etc) as well as keeping the group up via healing.

Regardless of small or large groups, be sure to drain MP regularly so you can keep your MP pool topped off. This spell should always be on cooldown as draining mana is a key aspect of the Thaumaturge.

Massive damage output is not really part of the Thaumaturge’s arsenal; you simply will not out-damage a class like an Archer. Right now FFXIV lacks a really powerful nuking caster; perhaps they will add more gear to the game and change combat formulas so that a true DPS caster-class can emerge like the Black Mage in FFXI.

Final Fantasy 14 Thaumaturge Guide Conclusion

The Thaumaturge is an excellent class choice for anyone who enjoys playing casters. They are not a great nuking class, but rather excel at debuffs, back-up healing, and soloing. They have by far the strongest debuffs in game and are solid healers as well.